Guided walks with Manx Mountain Activities

Here is a list of the routes I offer. I frequently tweak the routes and add new ones when they occur to me.

I schedule roughly two walks each month through the year and advertise these on the website and through social media (be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page).

I am happy to lead any of these routes or create a bespoke route any time that I am free. Please get in touch through the website if you would like a private booking.

The routes are listed in a roughly North to South order based on the starting point.

Slieau Managh from Sulby Claddagh – 11km, 4 hours

North Barrule from Ramsey Hairpin – 10km, 4 hours

North Barrule and the Corrany Valley – 11km, 4.5 hours

Slieau Curn and Slieau Dhoo from Glen Dhoo – 10km, 3.5 hours 

Slieau Freoaghane and Sartfell via the ‘hidden valley’ – 8km, 3.5 hours

The Laxey Hills (Slieau Ruy, Slieau Ouyr and Slieau Lhean) from Agneash – 10km, 3.5 hours

Sea to Summit – Laxey to Snaefell with the option of walking back down or taking the train – 20km 6 hours for the full walk

Mullagh Ouyr and the Snaefell mines from Laxey – 14km, 4.5 hours

Slieau Ruy and Lhargee Ruy from Little London – 10km 3.5 hours

Colden hill walk – 7km, 3 hours

Slieau Lhost from the Clypse reservoir – 13km, 4 hours

Lhargee Ruy, Slieau Ruy and Greeba Mountain from Greeba – 11km, 4 hours

South Barrule from Cringle reservoir – 10km, 3 hours

Cronk ny Arrey Laa and South Barrule – 14km, 5 hours

Cronk ny Arrey Laa and Lag ny Keeilley – 9km, 3.5 hours

In addition to these hill walks I occasionally offer The Rocky Ramble which explores the fascinating geology of Langness and Scarlett and a coastal walk starting and finishing in Port Erin which visits the Sound and The Chasms. I am happy to lead coastal walks anywhere on the island.

There is always a ‘scheduled walks’ button at the top of the website for you to check on up coming walks ( you can subscribe to email up dates on the website too. Scheduled walks are also on the booking page

Hope to see you on a walk soon.








John Barker has lived on the Isle of Man for over thirty years and in that time has walked, cycled, run, climbed, dived, watched wildlife and studied the geology of this fantastic rock in the Irish Sea. A qualified Mountain Leader, Mountain Bike Leader and Blue Badge Tour Guide for the Isle of Man, John will help you discover some of the Island’s finest trails and tracks.

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