What to bring on a guided walk.

Whatever time of year you book with us for a guided walk, on the Isle of Man you should be prepared for just about any weather conditions. It is rare that some part of a walk will not be wet and muddy and, shall we say, unusual for there to be no rain at all. The wind too can be strong at any time of year and has a massive cooling effect.

So essentials would be sturdy walking shoes or boots a waterproof jacket and a warm layer to put on during rests.

The usual advice regarding layers of clothing and not wearing cotton T shirts or jeans applies and I always have at least a thin pair of gloves and a hat in my rucksack.

A drink and snack for half day walks, packed lunch for a full day walk all in a small day rucksack.

In the summer some sun block and insect repellent (midges can be a problem in the summer if it is not windy). Please also bring any medication you require.

A small sit mat is always a good idea as are binoculars and a small camera.

Your mountain leader will carry a full first aid kit, mobile phone and emergency kit.

A flask of hot tea is always a good idea!




John Barker has lived on the Isle of Man for over thirty years and in that time has walked, cycled, run, climbed, dived, watched wildlife and studied the geology of this fantastic rock in the Irish Sea. A qualified Mountain Leader, Mountain Bike Leader and Blue Badge Tour Guide for the Isle of Man, John will help you discover some of the Island’s finest trails and tracks.

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